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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Best Forex Account Management Service, Get 10% – 30% Profits Every Month!

 Have you lost a lot of money in forex trading? or you are new to forex and all you want to do is invest your money rightly?
Try my forex account management service and make your money work for you.

The Easiest Way To Invest in Forex Trading. Make Your Money Work For You!!

No, You don’t need to be a Forex trader, Neither do you need to be a Professional to Invest in Forex Trading. Fund Your Trading Account While I Perform My Magic.

1. Fund Your Trading Account Minimum of $10,000

Fund your account with at least $10,000. The bigger the better. 
(Register With XM Broker Using This Link)

Account Type must be a Raw Spread Account Type”.

This means you won’t be sending the money to me directly. (Here’s why its risky to send money directly to anyone to trade for you)

forex account management with results
2. I will Trade the Account on your Behalf

The simple hard part. Yeah, it’s simple for me but pretty difficult for you. Lol, I mean no offence.

I will trade the money for you and deliver profits each month.

“Note that I can only trade the account, I won’t have any other permission. For example I won’t
be able to withdraw money from the account”.(You are safe)

3. You Withdraw Profits Every 30 Days

You sit back and withdraw profits every month. Easy.

You pay me only after 30 Days and Only after you have earned profits from your initial capital.

#This is a Game Changer For Many Forex Traders and Investors”

I have different strategies for managing accounts for investors.

But if you want the exact result like the one you see on the myfxbook.

Then make sure you follow my instruction because the strategy I use is very powerful.

The reason I suggest XM is because the strategy I am using has been doing fine on the broker for a long time.

I tested the strategy on other brokers and the profit is way lower compared to XM .

My strategy does not use the grid, no martingale..or other dangerous strategies.

I am working on other strategies that will work for other brokers…

So for now follow my instructions to have a profitable account.

More on My Account Management Service – Here is How It Works.

I trade your account for you while you pay me every month on a certain percentage of the total profit generated.

What You Need

You will need to open an account with This Broker – XM.

It’s a reputable MT4 broker, Open a “Standard Account Type with them” and deposit into it, a minimum of $10,000.

Then you will need to give me access to trade on this account – Which means I will not have any permission other than trading.

You can monitor the trading on your account in real-time. All the money and profits always stay in your account.

My Recommended Brokers

For the sake of this Account Management Service, I only work with the XM

How is Profit Shared?.

If you register on XM  with my link, I will take 30% of the profits while you take 70%.

But If you do not register on XM  with my link, then I take 35% of the Profits While You Take 65%.

Your account has a deposit of $30,000. At the end of the month(after 30 days) 
I made a total profit of $6,000 in your account.
You give me 30% or 35% of the $6000 profit and you take the rest. That is it.

How Much Profit Should Be Expected Every 30 Days?.

Good question, I don’t trade aggressively, because the first and most important thing is to make sure the capital is secure and safe.

“Therefore, You can expect between 10% – 30% Every Month”.
This is not a get-rich-quick scheme and I don’t trade like it. Therefore, the profit expected depends on market movement.Other Important Questions Answered

  1. Privacy!!
    Be rest assured that your personal information which includes your name, email, and other contact information and Investment details (capital amount) will never be shared with any third party for any reason.
  2. I Do not Have Access to Withdraw from your trading account!!
    Please also note that at no time do we have details of your personal information and access to your funds. We only need the logins to your MT4 account where the trading takes place.
  3. Minimum Account Size is $10,000 and Maximum is $1,000,000
    Before you apply below, have in mind that I do not trade accounts for less than $10,000. For accounts over $1,000,000, the profit-sharing ratio will be increased to 45/55%. I take 45 while you take 55.
  4. My Advice
    When you keep your money in the bank, It will not work for you.
    This program guarantees that you get between 100% to 150% of your initial capital yearly.
Do not be greedy:
I have seen traders ruin their life savings cos they were greedy.
I have also heard stories of people who got scammed on the internet because, first, they were greedy and looking for fast investment yields, and second they fell into the hands of scammers.
Real forex traders won’t ask you to send them your investment capital directly.
I really don’t need to be saying all of these here, but I need us to be on the same page. if you are greedy, this is absolutely not for you.
I work for only serious people that understand these kinds of investments.

What is Forex Account Management?

Forex account management service is a method of investing in forex where an investor employs the service of a forex account manager to trade a certain amount of capital in the forex market.

The investor sits back while the money manager does the hard work which is to trade the money profitably.

Therefore, this service makes sense for investors who do not have time for trading on their own or do not know how to trade.

Say, for example, you, as an investor have $100,000 and then you need a forex account manager to trade the money for you.

Most times a profit-sharing agreement exists between the investor and the account manager.

For example in my account management service; the profit-sharing formula is basically %70 to %30. The investor takes %70 of the profit while I take %30.

Your job is to put the money in a forex broker account, and then issue trade-only access to your account manager.

This means that the account manager will not be able to withdraw money from the account at any point in time. His or her job is to trade the money on your behalf.

In summary, all this means forex account management involves two groups of people.

  1. the investor
  2. the forex account manager (the trader)

How Managed Forex Accounts Work

A managed forex account is a normal forex trading account that can be opened on a reputable forex broker.

What makes it a managed account is that the trading will be managed or done by a forex trader whom the owner of the account has employed.

The investor is the sole owner of the account and he will ensure he sets the required restrictions on the account so that third parties will not be able to deposit or withdraw profits from the account.

As a result, the money manager or account manager will be able to perform only trading activities on this type of account.

This account can be gotten from any reputable forex broker.

There are two popular managed forex account types that one can choose from.

  1. Individual Managed Forex Account
  2. Pamm Account

Individual Managed Forex account

The individual-managed forex account is owned by a person or investor who has deposited a certain amount into the account.

The investor is the sole owner of the account and all profits and losses will be born by the investor.

In most cases, the initial investment capital is usually over $10000.

The investor then is responsible for finding and selecting a forex account manager who will manage or trade the money on his/her behalf.

Pamm Account

A pamm account stands for permanent allocation module.

It’s a type of pooled forex account where investors get to allocate some part of their money to a particular forex trader who then trades all the invested capital all together to generate profits.

Profits are losses that will be shared among investors according to the amount of money they have invested.

Most forex brokers provide pamm accounts on their platforms.

What Is The Work of an account manager?

The work of a good forex account manager is to make a profit on the investor’s money.

A good account manager must be a very good and successful forex trader.

He must be a smart professional forex trader and must be able to demonstrate success.

This is where an investor could get it wrong. The choice of an account manager would either result in profits or losses.

Now, let’s talk about how to find profitable account managers.

Are There Forex Account managers?

There are forex account managers that are profitable and are going to make your profits. but the numbers are few.

Let’s put this into context, 86% of traders lose money according to data published by fx pro forex broker.

This means only a few people end up as being profitable out of millions of forex traders worldwide.

The problem is that most forex traders approach forex trading like gambling.

The stories are out there; investors and traders losing millions and billions in the forex market.

Be careful so you do not give your money to a gambler.

How Do You Find A Successful Forex Account Manager?

Unfortunately, there is no one-stop station where you can find forex account managers.

But on forex brokers that offer a copy trading platform like eToro, you would find the highest performing traders on those platforms.

You must know that any forex trader can be an account manager, therefore, what you should be looking for is a profitable/successful forex trader.

You can only tell if a forex trader is successful if you can see his previous trading accounts.

Therefore, before you get involved with any forex account management service; you must be satisfied that the manager has vast experience and a working strategy.

I will write on that in one of my future articles.

Who is the Best Forex Account Manager?

Permit me some humble bragging here. I am the best account manager. No rush, no gambles. I have been trading forex since 2008. Check my service out on

Forex Account Management – Telegram?

If you love to reach out via telegram, then you can access my account management service on telegram via @LuffyTrader

How do Forex Account Managers Make Money?

Forex account managers make money by trading for others. Most times, profits are shared between the manager and investor.

For example, in my account management service; I offer a %70/30% profit sharing.

Investors take 70% of profits while I take 30% of profits after every 30 days of trading.

Forex Account Management Summary

If you are looking for the best account management on the net or on telegram, then I am happy to tell you that you are in the right place on

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